Sophomore Advice: Spring season creates new opportunities

It’s like the feeling when you find out your morning class got cancelled or look out the window to see winter’s first snow. It’s the first day of spring when you can actually go outside without a jacket on. Everyone gets pumped about it, especially here at Rider.

Whenever spring rolls around, Rider comes alive with energy. Some might call it a case of “spring fever,” but on campus it only seems natural for students to act this way. Along with it being near the end of a rigorous and stressful academic year, it is also a time when there seem to be more activities going on around campus. From the list of baseball, softball and soccer games to attend, there are also club sports to view as well as participate in, such as lacrosse and ultimate Frisbee. Additionally, there are special events held for us to attend outside such as the upcoming SEC Drive-in Movie Night that will take place outside Sweigart Hall on Sunday.

Not only are there events planned for us to do outside, but most importantly, we have the opportunity to partake in the simple pleasures available outdoors as well. Once the weather becomes nicer, everyone swarms outside to soak up the sun. So what is it exactly that makes us so eager to jump out of our dorm rooms into the sun’s warm, embracing rays? Well, it’s exactly that: the sun.

According to a four-year study conducted by researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people who receive plenty of sunshine consistently describe themselves as happier and more satisfied with life. I think this proves to be true every year. Spring arrives and refreshes us with its warmth and gives us a way to relieve stress by simply playing outside for a bit. This, along with the overwhelming fact that school is quickly coming to an end and that summer is just a month away, has us jumping for joy and even provokes us to do our homework outside in the sunshine.

Though the end of the school year brings about long dreaded finals, we can accept them a little bit easier because of the warm weather that accompanies them. It makes this stressful time of the school year more bearable.

– Kristy Grinere

Sophomore journalism major

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