Sophomore Advice: Only finals prevent end to positive semester

Can you believe how quickly the semester has gone by? As we bury our heads in our course loads, we find ourselves quickly approaching the new year, as well as the end of the semester. It seems like just a week ago we were moving into the dorms. Now we have become exhausted from the schoolwork and are ready to finish off the semester with finals. But this semester hasn’t been all work; we managed to squeeze in some time for play as well. From new additions to the campus, to concerts and the start of the basketball season, Rider has done it again by helping us balance our work with some fun.

During this semester, Rider, along with its clubs and organizations, has tried its best to defeat the “suitcase school” stereotype to get more students involved in weekend campus events. Rider kicked off the semester with its annual Cranberry Fest, which involved a band, games to win prizes, food and an afternoon of fun. In October, a few big events were planned for students’ entertainment on campus. This included the Jason Derülo concert, which was a huge success, and the celebration of MAACness, which had a fun circus theme and celebrated Rider’s winter sports teams, especially basketball. The semester was also filled with special treats when Carlo’s Bakery, featured on TLC’s Cake Boss, made a replica cake of the SRC for its fifth birthday celebration. We also cannot forget about the new construction around us: the new academic building, which is coming along slowly but surely, the renovations of the BLC Theater and the new turf field we received over the summer.

With everything that’s happened, the semester is rapidly winding down, yet there’s one more thing we all must complete: finals. It’s an intimidating word that has us all picturing ourselves spending endless hours in the library trapped in a prison of our own notes, but it doesn’t have to be such a gruesome and stressful experience.

Studying for finals, or any test for that matter, is all about how to pace yourself. Start studying early so you can take it in piece by piece and chapter by chapter. Cramming is never helpful and with finals you will want to give it a little more than the last minute studying. The library can be your friend by providing a quiet, personal environment so you can spread out notes and tune out distractions you may have in your room. During study time, try your best to stay off Facebook. I understand that can be a difficult task but it will be beneficial in the long run.

A last crucial tip about studying for finals is to reward yourself with breaks every now and then. It may not seem like it, but taking study breaks helps you retain information. The main thing to remember is not to stress yourself out too much. If you take your time, you will still have plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the semester.

– Kristy Grinere

Sophomore journalism major

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