Sophomore’s Critique: Rider’s Pub gets a needed facelift

Friday nights are always full of events around campus: Bronc Bingo, Bronc Buffet, parties and, of course, the Pub.

The Pub has held a place dear in my heart since freshman year. It is a place to be on Friday nights. The music is always great and the atmosphere is beyond amazing.

This year, however, things have changed. The Pub has been remodeled and there are new rules. Last year, the Pub walls were full of signatures, from fraternities, sororities and alumni from many years ago, from top to bottom. This has changed since last year. We now have a brand-new black ceiling without any writing on it.

There are now disco lights hanging from where the signatures were carved. The new ceiling and disco lights completely change the mood of the Pub. It feels a little classier now, and the disco lights flash to the beat of the music, which really helps get people on the dance floor.

Also, we have new tables. Last time I was there, I counted about 10 new hardwood tables and sets of chairs. This gives people a chance to sit down and have a drink or two after dancing. The old tables were dirty and flimsy, which caused many people to just stand instead of sitting.

Thankfully, we have new rules. The Pub was not organized last year; there are legitimate lines now that help prevent people from cutting in line or getting hurt. The biggest problem we had last year was people cutting in line and pushing others around in order to get to the front, and we now have ropes that will prevent anyone from doing so. Two people are allowed at the sign-in table at a time, preventing a cluster of people at the front table.

A strange new rule just started. After 11 p.m., you must get a new wristband if you arrived before 11. I am not sure why, but I am certain there is a good reason. And as long as it helps everyone stay safe, I am happy with it.

The Pub has a lot to offer this year. Not only are there new things, but there are also theme nights. This past Friday was Latin American Student Organization’s first Latin Pub Night. We will now be having more theme nights at the Pub, which helps to bring in different types of crowds.

The Pub will soon be playing different types of music, which will attract people who have never been there before. Rider has done a great job in opening up the Pub to different crowds this year, and hopefully will be able to continue making great changes.

– Walter Saravia

Sophomore secondary education and English major

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