Small amount of asbestos and fleas confirmed and contained

By Katie Zeck

Circling rumors of fleas and asbestos possibly raiding Ziegler Hall and Olsen Hall have been confirmed by Director of Editorial Services, Sean Ramsden.

“There was a report of fleas in a room on the first floor of Ziegler on July 3,” Ramsden said. “Subsequent inspection by an exterminator revealed the presence of fleas in two rooms on that floor. All other rooms were inspected, and no additional fleas were found. The two rooms in question were successfully treated by the exterminator on July 5.”

Olsen Hall was also seen with signs outside of the building in the middle of June indicating that asbestos removal was occurring.

“Asbestos removal in Olsen was due to a project to remove an old boiler dating to 1964 from the basement of that building,” Ramsden said.

The boiler, as per the standards of the day, was infested with asbestos and because of its size, had to be taken apart to be removed from the building.

According to Ramsden, the removal was performed safely and properly in accordance to codes that require signage indicating the removal of asbestos materials.

A student living on campus who wished to remain anonymous reported hearing about the fleas in Ziegler.

“My friend who works for Study Tours said that there were rumors going around about the fleas,” the student said. “It made me a little nervous, but luckily it was only in two rooms and they got them out.”

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