Sisters Paving (and Painting) a Way to a Better Tomorrow at Trenton’s YMCA

By Kaitlin Williamson

The sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon strive to help the community in many ways, including attending Community Day at the YMCA in Trenton. The YMCA is a place for Health/Fitness, Childcare, and Community Development. In efforts to better the area they serve, the YMCA recently planned and facilitated a Community Day where local families, companies and individuals could come together to give the YMCA a “makeover” inside and out.

Sisters of Rider’s chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon attended Community Day and helped to paint the child daycare/pre-school room of the center. A re-painting and sprucing up of the area provided a more comfortable environment for the kids, as well as a more-inviting area for the parents. The outside of the building got a makeover too; other volunteers helped paint the exterior. Appearance is valued at the YMCA, and making the center a more welcoming home to the kids and families that are taken under the YMCA’s wing is what Community Day was all about.

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Personally, as the Community Service Chair for Delta Phi Epsilon, I love doing things like this. This experience in particular was great because it allowed me, as well as other individuals, to understand the value of hard work. It also brought me back down to earth; there are important things in life I enjoy spending time on: like painting the YMCA, volunteering at the local soup kitchen, or going on a lengthy walk to support philanthropy… then I will catch up on some beauty sleep! Making a difference and being a part of any community work allows me to have a great sense of self-satisfaction, and I know my sisters agree!

As sisters, this time together lets us learn. It strengthens our bond as a sisterhood to work alongside each other, and absorb the same valuable lessons. Without experiencing these lessons and without working hard to accomplish the tasks that must be done to better parts of the community, I feel as though we would all take advantage of it. Instead, we acquire a new-found appreciation for people who have more important needs than we do ourselves, and we get to help improve their life in some way. The people we get to work with on these community projects are amazing individuals that dedicate hours and hours of their own time to help those in need; helping run organizations such as the YMCA. Working with leaders inspires us to imitate that leadership. The community service done by the sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon is always a fun-filled experience that encourages any individual to appreciate the value of hard work and the kindness of others.

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