SGA announces its newest leaders

By Theresa Evans

Olivia Barone was elected SGA’s new president.

Students celebrated the results of the Student Government Association (SGA) election on March 6, when Olivia Barone was elected president.

Barone is anticipating that her future position will be “an amazing experience.”

“I’m really excited to work with my new executive board. Individually they touch so many aspects of the school, and I can’t wait to see what amazing things we accomplish,” said Barone.

Other executive officer-elects include Allison Anderson as vice president, Rahquan King-Stubbs as vice president for administration and finance, Paige Ewing as vice president for communications, Dylan Erdelyi as vice president for university affairs and Brea Rivera as vice president for student affairs.

“This year we have a really diverse group of people representing the student body, as it should be. This senate is going to do some great things,” Barone said.

According to Barone, officer-elects will be “officially inaugurated” during a transition day in April.     

“I’m very excited to continue to serve as a senator for the College of Business,” said Sarah LoRicco. “I am really looking forward to working with other SGA members and members of the Rider community to continue to enhance students’ on-campus experiences.”

Other college senators elected include Antonio Lombardi, Giavanna Troli, Fredy Ulloa and Carissa Zanfardino for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Kaitlyn Francke-Cooley will serve as senator for the College of Education and Human Services, and Kristen Wisneki is senator-elect for Westminster College of the Arts.

“I think the students elected for next year’s senate are an enthusiastic group ready to work,” said LoRicco. “There have been great SGA leaders in the past who have helped everyone reach the level they are at today.”

President-elect Kaylin Garcia, Vice President-elect Rebecca Carberry and Treasurer-elect Madison Stigliano will serve as the sophomore class council; President-elect Laila Iddin-Howard, Vice President-elect Tiiyana Young, Treasurer-elect E’mani Givens, and Secretary-elect Lauren Brolo will serve as the freshman class council.   

“I hope that all of the members of the Rider community are able to work together and have open lines of communication,” said LoRicco. “I think it’s really important for students to be involved in major university decisions and to have the opportunity to voice their opinions. SGA has done a great job of being the middleman to connect students and administration to help achieve that.”

President-elect Andrew Fitzmaurice and Vice President-elect David Shinn will serve for the Association for Commuting Students.

“The winners for next year’s senate are all great students and I’m looking forward to working with them. And I want to congratulate Olivia Barone on her well-deserved victory, in addition to all of the other newly elected members,” LoRicco said. “It was exciting to see everyone campaigning and being involved.”

Barone promoted her candidacy via social media and by reaching out to campus organizations.

“I have my friends to thank for always posting on their Instagram story or sharing my Facebook event. I wouldn’t have won without them,” said Barone.

Barone is confident that the officer-elects will work together and build relationships within the upcoming months.

“I really want more students to know about SGA. There’s a gap that needs to mended, and I think with more community outreach, we’ll be able to mend it,” said Barone.

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