Seniors cement their legacies in bricks outside SRC

The new patio outside the Student Recreation Center gives students a new place to sit outside with friends and also gives the class of 2019 an opportunity to reflect on their time and impacts at Rider.

By Megan Raab

After a cold and snowy winter in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, a new addition to the Student Recreation Center gives Broncs a place to enjoy the budding spring. Located outside of the building is a new patio seating area featuring the Legacy Walkway, donated by Rider’s senior class of 2019. 

Senior class president Olivia Battinelli said the new patio is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it allows members of the senior class to reflect on their time at Rider. 

“It’s an amazing [opportunity for students to leave their] legacy,” she said. “Students can come back and visit their bricks in the years to come.” 

As the weather begins to warm up in the spring season, this patio provides a place for students to sit and do homework, catch up with friends or just enjoy the sunshine.

 “The patio came at the perfect time,” sophomore musical theater major Madylin Rogers said. “It makes studying much more enjoyable when you get to do it outside. As a Texas girl, getting to enjoy the sunshine makes Rider feel more like home.” 

Just steps away from the Bronc Bites food truck and Starbucks, students can enjoy their drinks and snacks at the tables and chairs on the patio. 

For Kathleen Collins, a junior musical theater major, the patio has already provided opportunities for socialization. 

“It is such a great place to meet up with friends and enjoy the company of my classmates,” she said. 

Battinelli said that her impact on Rider was finding ways to get involved as much as possible during her time on campus. She advises underclassmen to do the same. 

“No matter where their interests lay, there is a plethora of activities and organizations on campus to participate in and explore,” Battinelli said. “Being involved really helps you make the most of your college experience. Although something might seem outside of your comfort zone, students should still push themselves to join in and engage as much as possible.”

Battinelli and the rest of the senior class left their marks on campus in the form of engraved bricks lining the walkway, many of which are labeled with their name and “Class of 2019.”

Sophomore musical theater major, James Vinson, said he has already felt the impact of the Legacy Walkway on his Rider experience. 

“Seeing the Legacy Walkway makes me think about the legacy I can create for myself here at Rider,” he said. “I know I have the opportunity to do great things here and I can only hope that I can do something to inspire others.”

Published in the 3/27/19 edition.

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