Senior Suggestions: Tips for a spooky but safe night

headshot_WEBHalloween is a time of year to get creative with your costumes. The next best thing is the free candy (with a side of multiple sugar rushes and crashes). It is also a time where safety is scarce or just thrown out the window. People can forget to take safety precautions while trick-or-treating or attending a Halloween party because of the overwhelming excitement. But ensuring a safe and fun night is easy.
If you are going trick-or-treating, go in pairs or in a large group. Being with friends will make the night more enjoyable and also provide a safety cushion in case something happens or someone goes missing. There have been horror stories of individuals being kidnapped or killed because they were alone. People craving conflict fear large groups because of the risk of being caught.
Do not go to areas that are unfamiliar because it can end badly. Establish a rendezvous point just in case someone splits from the group. If that cannot be done, then make sure everyone has each others’ numbers so they can be easily reached. Most importantly, if anyone has that bad gut feeling, trust that feeling and do not take a chance.
If trick-or-treating is not your style, then a Halloween party is always an option. If you are over 21 and attending a party where drinks will be provided, do not drink and drive. It is not worth the risk posed to yourself and those on the road. Get the app Uber, which connects you to a car service, call a taxi, plan a designated driver, or just have someone drop you off and pick you up.
When attending parties, go where you know the hosts, not just some random house. If no one in your group wants to go to a party, then have your own and ensure your guests’ safety by having them stay over. Do not let them drive home.
If at a party, remember to always keep an eye on your drink. Be wary of drinking punch or any drinks that you didn’t make yourself. It could be easy for someone to slip something in your drink and for you to end up in a bad situation. Always pay attention to your drink and what you are consuming.
Halloween is an exciting time of the year to become anyone for a day. But it can be dangerous if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Be aware of what is happening and prepare for the worst, just to be safe. Most importantly, enjoy the night and eat all the free candy. Enjoy it because you only live once.

-Ranjan Ghate
Senior public relations major


Printed in the 10/29/14 issue.

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