Senior Suggestions: Staying fit even in the fall

I need to work out, but it’s too cold outside.” Around this time of the year, we will hear this on a daily basis. The weather is getting colder and the snow will be here before we know it. So how do we stay fit when it is too cold to go outside and work out?
On an average day, how many times do you go up a flight of stairs? Well, instead of just walking up the steps or taking the elevator, why not put some pep in your step? According to Healthy Living, the average person, weighing 155 pounds, will burn approximately 1,056 calories per hour running up stairs, compared to the 563 burned by walking up the stairs. As college students, we are constantly walking around campus, and usually we walk at a normal pace.
Why not speed things up a bit? Not only does it burn more calories, but you will get to where you’re going faster and escape the cold weather. According to Live Strong, a person weighing 130 pounds walking at a pace of 3.5 miles per hour will burn approximately 160 calories per hour.
Let’s talk about ways we can stay fit and still watch Netflix. Most of us have either a smartphone or a laptop, or both. In the app store of your particular device, there are a variety of programs that give you simple workouts that can be completed from the comfort of your dorm room. On my phone, I downloaded Virtuagym Fitness Home & Gym and MyFitnessPal. Both of these apps are free and provide great ways to stay fit. MyFitnessPal allows you to keep track of all the foods you eat per day and how many calories you are consuming.
The Virtuagym app allows you to pick a workout and add it to your progress chart as well, and it keeps track of your exercise. The workouts are easy to do and can be completed in short breaks between classes. Some exercises include marching in place, jumping jacks, squats, etc. This app also gives you the opportunity to connect with other people, see what workouts they are doing, and even allows you to share your progress with them. The app also rewards you with achievements to keep you motivated.
On Windows 8 and Mac, there is a store that has many free fitness apps. I have Windows 8 and I downloaded Daily Workouts. This app offers workouts that can be done daily and you can pick the type of exercise (cardio, legs, arms, etc). When you choose the workout you want, it keeps track of time and gives you a video to follow along. While you are working out, you can still be watching Netflix. It truly is the best of both worlds.

-Angelica Rivera
Senior secondary education major


Printed in the 10/15/14 issue.

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