Senior Suggestions: Senior week celebrates pride and memories

Applications are in, caps and gowns are ordered and our families are making plans to watch us walk across the stage on May 12. But graduation isn’t the only thing awaiting seniors come May. There is a whole week of festivities intended to kick off our departure.

From May 9 to 12 Rider will be hosting senior week. For an all-inclusive rate of $125, students will be provided with housing, food and access to all campus events, including one ticket for Senior Ball. This will be a time when seniors can get together and enjoy the last few days on campus, take many amazing selfies and make memories that they will take with them after they leave.

Some of the events incorporated into senior week include a senior barbeque, senior picnic, wine and cheese mixer with faculty, Senior Ball and after party, and a class meal. These events are spread throughout the week and give seniors the chance to celebrate their last few days on campus.

While commencement is being held at the Sun Bank Center, and not on the university’s campus, this week will provide seniors with the closure they need. It will allow them to bask in the friendships they’ve created, speak candidly with the professors who guided them, and walk these halls and sidewalks one last time.

Senior week will be like a week-long pep rally for commencement. The university is giving us permission to be silly and enjoy the last few days of being a student at Rider. Participation in senior week will not only leave students with long-lasting memories but will show pride and thanks for the university.

I am a commuter, and I admit I haven’t been as active as other students on campus. I attended Midnight MAACness once as a freshman, I’ve never been to a basketball game or watched R Factor. But I can tell you this, I will participate in senior week. As a culmination of my time and experiences at Rider, I feel it is only necessary to give one last chance at fun and freedom before I slip on my heels and walk into a shiny office where I start my career. There are many other students just like me on this campus, those who haven’t been as involved in going to activities but worked hard throughout our four years here and strove for the best.

Even those of us who aren’t interested in events should just go out and participate in senior week. It’s about your time as a student, the accomplishments you’ve made and how hard you have worked.

After all, when we leave here and go into the job world, there will be someone who asks you, “Where did you go to school?” and hopefully you’ll smile, remember all the memories you made including those at senior week and happily say that Rider was, and always will be, your alma mater.

—Alexis Schulz

Senior journalism major


Printed in the 2/8/17 issue.

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