Senior Sound-off: Student soaks in the Subway hype

A complete renovation of Rider’s dining hall, as well as the addition of Andrew J’s convenience store and Subway restaurant in the Bart Luedeke Center (BLC), isn’t exactly what I had in mind in terms of changes to Rider University. Now, if I were somehow granted authority from the great collegiate gods, I’d probably do something to make these dorms seem less like prison cells or install attendees in every men’s bathroom to publically flog those who refuse to flush the toilets — yes, it’s still a problem, yes, it’s still disgusting and yes, this is why we get campus-wide viruses. But that’s just me. Yet, the more food options for students to engorge themselves on, the better I suppose. New things are exciting, and finding excuses to waste money is always a fun time to be had, so these renovations get the highly-coveted Exantus stamp of approval.
“Oh divine critic Chris,” you might mutter to yourself in the dead of night, “What exactly is so special about the new Andrew J’s and Subway?” Well, I shall tell you, dear plebeian: These stores are so amazing that they’ve actually driven down tuition costs with their delicious subs and great deals on deodorant and condoms. Okay, so that might be a bit of a complete lie.
Andrew J’s feels like shopping at a really nice 7-Eleven. That might be the worst example of a backhanded compliment ever, but the newly renovated convenience store is actually a welcomed sight compared to the closet-sized store that used to be in Daly’s. It looks nice — aesthetic appeal is important after all — so while it might not have been something students were threatening to riot over, it makes for a nice addition and a decent place to run to get some ice cream or other unhealthy things to stuff your face with while you sit alone in your dorm room. Or maybe that’s just me.
And Subway — well, it’s a Subway, I guess. So if you’ve ever had an awkwardly descriptive conversation with a friend over how you just wish you could wrap your mouth around the tasty new Tuscan Chicken Melt™ footlong sandwich that’s only $6 — “The new Tuscan Chicken Melt™ footlong sandwich is only $6?” your friend replies, trying desperately not to fall off her chair in wonder — then this might be the thing that dreams are made of. But for someone who isn’t exactly crazy for the subs, it’s hard to raise any enthusiasm for it, especially when it looks like any other Subway store and does what I expect a Subway to do.
I guess most of my indifference comes from the fact that none of these things have any impact on me as a student. To me, food is food, and while more choices should always be welcomed, considering the amount of emails I got from the school regarding the renovations, I’m not exactly frothing at the mouth in excitement.

-Christopher Exantus
Senior English major

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