Senior Sentiments: Student believes that life after Rider shouldn’t be as scary as we think

May 2014 is the month that I’ve been anticipating since I started my freshman year of college. It is the date on which all my hard work will be recognized as I graduate. As this semester flies by, I start to realize that it is truly around the corner. I start to think about my experience at Rider and what my future as a graduate holds for me.
I always thought that senior year would be the best time of my life. However, I am quickly realizing that it is a wake-up call. I have begun to think about how much I have accomplished at Rider in the past four years. The smallest things that I have been a part of have truly shaped me into the person that I am today. From joining organizations and clubs around campus to attending community service events, they have all played a great part in my growing as an individual. I have had the opportunity to be president of the Latin American Student Organization for two consecutive years. I have taken many positions in clubs and organizations such as the Black Student Union, Multicultural Student Leadership Institute, Educational Opportunity Program, GLASS Mentoring Program, Community Service Council, and many other clubs and organizations around campus. These positions have helped me grow as a leader.
Senior year has become a time for me to start thinking about what my next step will be. This semester, I have started to finally put my future goals into action. My dream of changing people’s lives is something that I will pursue, since it is my passion. I am planning on going to graduate school to get my master’s in counseling and becoming a school guidance counselor. I was stressing about getting a job right after graduation, but I realized that it is not imperative for me to go straight into the job market, especially considering how the economy is shaped at this moment in time. I am planning on coming back to Rider for my graduate work, since I have fallen in love with this campus and everything it has to offer me. I really believe that Rider has given me the tools to succeed as an educated adult in today’s world.
Of course, it will be hard to be completely on my own after graduation. However, I strongly believe that I am prepared to handle future situations. I understand that the job market is competitive, but I know that the education and experience I have acquired at Rider will definitely make me stand out from other applicants. In the last few months, I have learned that instead of worrying about graduation, I should instead be excited that I am about to graduate, which is something that many people cannot say. No matter what path we follow after graduation, I think that all seniors should be excited to take on a new challenge, because in all honesty, we have worked hard to have the opportunity of walking across the stage in May.
-Walter Saravia
Senior English major

Printed in the 10/30/13 edition.

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