Senior Sentiments: Spring break stay-cation fun

It’s senior year and I want to enjoy this spring break by relaxing under the sun in Juno Beach, Fla. Sadly, my wish for a Florida break will not be coming true. I will be having a stay-cation with close friends. These are the people that I have good times with, because that’s what spring break is: good times, laughter and creating memories.
I know that most of us want to go to Colorado to ski, to Cancun for the perfect tan or to Rome to learn Italian and eat pasta. Then there are those who want to stay home and catch up on schoolwork or grab extra shifts to get some cash.
Most of us, like myself, will be having a vacation at home or on campus. I am OK with this because I have a plan: fun activities, great experiences and sleep.
The first thing I plan to do is have a night of peace and quiet, so a movie for one it is. I am aware that most people don’t like to go to the movies by themselves, but it’s fun, especially when no one else is in the theater. I get to laugh as loud as I want. Yes, movies do cost a pretty penny, but bring your own snacks and drinks to save some cash. A movie or TV show marathon with friends is also enjoyable. Have everyone bring his or her favorite movie and stay up all night watching them.
I also plan on spending some time with my friends and family. I am student teaching, so I haven’t seen much of them. I might do lunch with family and have a game night at home with my friends.
If you do some school work, that should also help pass time. You should take advantage of the time off and do that paper you’ve put off for so long. I will be catching up on my reading for class.
You can always learn a new hobby. With this bizarre winter, we should all take up knitting so there will never be a scarf shortage.
Spring festivals are also fun places to go. They have music, people, crafts and great food. Your town may offer concerts for local bands and aspiring musical artists. It’s worth a look.
Here’s a fun idea: blow off some steam and go dancing. I do this as much as I can, and I come away with interesting stories. For the money-savers who don’t want to go to New York, local nightclubs are often free or as cheap as $5. We all know there are benefits to dancing the night away.
The best thing I am going to do is take a long, hot bath and read my favorite book for an hour. You never know what ideas may pop into your head. Spring break is about relaxing away from school life, so take advantage of that.
-Jessika Mielentz
Senior secondary education major

Printed in the 3/5/14 edition.

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