Senior Sentiments: Putting the bad aside to focus on the good

Turning on the news or even scrolling through your Facebook feed can sometimes be disheartening. Everything seems to focus on political he-said-she-saids, this week’s scandal and ongoing acts of violence. The media may paint a grim, one-sided picture of the world we live in, but the world is so much better than what it seems, and it’s time some attention is brought to the other side.

A few weeks ago I was involved in a car accident. The woman who hit me didn’t get out of her car to talk to me, but a random girl driving the other way saw that I was alone and turned around and pulled over to stay with me. She had just gotten off work and had a bunch of errands to run, but she took over an hour of her time and inconvenienced herself so that I had someone during that time. Just the other day, I was in Philadelphia and locked my keys in the car. When a woman nearby heard me panicking on the phone, she offered to pretend she was with me so I could use her Triple A lock-out coverage.

While those two examples are personal and not that common, there are so many other little things that add up. Some things such as the pay-it-forward schemes that go on in drive-thrus, smiling at a stranger, over-tipping your waitress or volunteering are such small acts that make a huge difference in the lives of the people they affect.

Every day someone gets married, has a child, gets engaged, adopts a puppy, is accepted to college or gets a job, amongst other things. I understand that posting and discussing the bad events in life garner more attention, but that makes for depressing social media feeds that just bring the mood down. Focus on the good stuff in your life and share that with people; it’s needed now more than over.

The important thing to remember is that the good outweighs the bad. It just never gets any recognition because it’s easier and more eye-catching to post about bad things that have happened to you. So go out of your way and help people in order to help change the current worldly perception.

—Kelly Lindenau

Senior history major

Printed in the 12/6/17 issue. 

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