Senior sentiments: Finding friends on campus

headshot_WEBCollege is a time to figure out the “self” as an individual, but also a time to make friends. Friendships are an important part of the college experience and make it less of a drag. It breaks us from the tight structure of our comfort zones to meet individuals from various backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. There are plenty of opportunities to meet new friends and the interactions do not have to be restricted to our classes.
There are multiple ways to create friendships that will last the course of your college years or well beyond. Being social is the key to forming friendships; finding similar interests ranging from major, sports or hobbies can spark a social interaction. To take it a step further, find a club or organization that you are passionate about. It not only connects you to others who share a similar interest, but it also enables you to form friendships in the process. It is an endless opportunity to create connections and bonds.
Being an introverted person, I found it difficult to make friends easily. I looked around campus for clubs to join and I came across Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (The River). I began to interact with the members, and throughout the last two and a half years that I have been a part of The River, I have formed multiple friendships. It has been a blessing to create bonds and socialize with those who share the same views and interests. I have created a small community of friends through an organization and it has been a positive journey.
Joining a club or organization requires taking a leap of faith, but the key thing is not to force yourself to create friendships, because they will not be genuine. It is key to have a small number of “good” friends in college rather than knowing everyone on campus. There is a difference between being social and having friendships; being social is having a cordial relationship with others while friendships are more genuine, honest, and longer lasting.
Intramural sports also provide opportunities to socialize and form friendships with individuals who share the same passion and competitiveness. If none of those options sound appealing, then find friends who share your interest in food, TV shows or even your major. Sometimes just someone’s personality can draw you in.
I know many people ranging from those in fraternities, sororities, athletes, and other individuals. But those are cordial. Then I have friendships with a select few, and I am happy with that. Just be yourself when you socialize and it might lead to a friendship. Be true to yourself and others will want to see you for who you are, and not what you want them to see. There are ways to socialize and create friendships, but they require taking that step and meeting people. Whether it is through a class, club, organization, or just sitting at Daly’s, you will meet someone somewhere on campus.

-Ranjan Ghate
Senior public relations major

Printed in the 10/08/14 issue.

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