Senior Send-off: Senior voices her farewell

As graduation approaches, I think I speak for most seniors when I say it feels bittersweet. On the one hand, no more all-nighters; on the other, all of our friends are unlikely to live just a short walk down the hall. It only recently and suddenly dawned upon me how much Rider means to me.

Rider has been like home for me since I became a freshman in 2009. Making it into the Rider Vibes that fall was the first time I felt I really belonged here at Rider. From walking downstairs to rehearsals in pajamas that first year, to trekking to Daly’s classroom this year, I will miss singing with my Vibes family. I’m still not sure how I am going to make it through these last two concerts without tears.

Rider also gave me the opportunity to expand my horizons beyond Lawrenceville. With the support of my advisers, Dr. Materna and Dr. Schleissner, and the Center for International Education, I was able to study abroad in Spain and Austria my junior year. It would take me hours to even begin to describe how incredibly life-changing these months of my life were so you’ll have to take my word for it.

When I returned to dorm again at Rider this past fall, I looked for a campus job and found The Rider News. As a copy editor I found myself working with the talented and fun people who I now call friends. Even though it was only one short year, I will miss you all and wish you all the best in whatever you aim to do.

I grew, I laughed and I learned a lot in just four years. I hope that my fellow seniors and I always look back fondly on our time at Rider.

-April Lanzet

Outgoing copy editor

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