Senior Send-Off: Lead editors reflect on fond News memories

While most seniors spent their Thursday nights dancing at KatManDu or partying at the Pub, we chose to spend ours in the basement of Ridge House. The Rider News has been our home, our family and our life for the past four years. Whether we’re on the floor laughing (Blanket Fox) or ready to rip our hair out in frustration (like when the server crashes), we’re so incredibly fortunate to have been able to work with our fellow editors and it is these relationships we’ll miss the most.

To the new leader: We’ve watched you grow from an assistant news editor to the new executive editor. We have all the faith in the world that you’ll do a great job. We know the paper is in good hands. Enjoy your time because you’ll be sad when it’s over. Congratulations! Sweet Lincoln’s Beard!

To the man who manages: Although you were quiet when you started coming in, you’ve impressed us with your reporting and your wasp-killing prowess. “Dalton, STOP doing that with your arm!”

To Mookie: From your dancing to your comic relief, you’ve kept us laughing while being a great sports editor and friend. We apologize for the blackmail pictures but we know that you’ll succeed in whatever you decide to do. “You’re different and I like it.”

To the sports award winner: You no doubt have a great career ahead of you. We appreciate you always listening to us and our problems and always giving good advice. We hope one day you get to meet Ryan Reynolds.

To Voldemort: Your witty comebacks and verbal assaults will be missed greatly. We’ve been so impressed with your editorials this year and we know you’ll keep up the great work. Good luck with student teaching. Brute force.

To Roomie: The ultimate Phillies fan, the best photographer and an even better friend. Your wonderful movie reviews will be missed, along with your shrieks of fright. “NOT up in here!”

To the enforcer: If we ever have a problem, we know who to call. You had some very creative ideas for entertainment spreads this year and they all turned out amazing. Good luck in whatever you decide to do. P.S. Jordan will always be scared of you.

To Little E: Like a quiet assassin, you came out of nowhere and were an amazing features and entertainment editor. You can take any story and make it better. Best of luck next year.

To the newbies: The future of The Rider News is in your hands. We know you’ll make us proud and do a great job. It’s been nice getting to know all of you. You already fit right in!

– Allie Ward and Kaitlin MacRae

Outgoing Executive and Managing Editors

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