Senior Send-Off: Executive editor says ‘get involved’

As graduation is nearing, I can honestly say there is so much to look back on in my time here at Rider. And I can credit all those memories to the fact that I was very involved throughout my collegiate career.

My one piece of parting advice is for students to get out and do more than just work in the classroom. You’re in college so that you can gain the most experience to prepare yourself for the real world. Granted, classes do that too, but there is a multitude of clubs and organizations that can give students that extra push they need after graduation.

For example, at The Rider News, it shocked me how many journalism majors with a news- editorial track do not write for the newspaper. Every week I saw the same faces at our meetings, which was great. But I always hoped more would come just for the writing experience. As a freshman, I knew I wanted to join the newspaper and eventually become an editor, because that would be the best experience I could get. And my four-year experience has definitely prepared me to be successful in my future working environment. I just wish I could see that enthusiasm among more students.

Things like joining the newspaper not only give you experience, but it’s also something to put on your résumé and to help build a portfolio. Organizations like The Rider News, Rider University Network, 107.7 The Bronc radio station, DAARSTOC, SEC and SGA are just a few clubs that can give students a great experience in their four years at Rider.

Going Greek is also a great way to get involved. There are so many positions and chairs among chapters that allow students to gain leadership roles, big or small.

Getting involved at Rider is a great way to meet people, too. Over the past four years, I have met so many people that have made my college experience. And I would not have met those people without going out and doing new things. Not only is it a great networking tool, but you get to meet friends that you could never replace. In my campus involvement, I have also built relationships with my professors that helped me in and outside of the classroom. Without these people, college would not have been the same. If I hadn’t gotten involved my freshman year, who knows if I would even be where I am today.

Everyone says Rider is a suitcase school and there is nothing to do here. But if people put themselves out there, they could meet so many more people on this campus. Then there would be a reason to actually stick around.

Getting involved around campus can be so beneficial. Now, I’m not saying everyone at Rider has to go out and be this big overachiever, but give it a chance. Go out, join a club and I guarantee you won’t regret it. Put yourself out there and grow from the experience. I know I did and I wouldn’t take back a single day of it.

– Kristie Kahl,

Outgoing executive editor, class of 2010

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