Senior Send-off: Executive Editor examines years

“College is what you make of it.”
I can’t count the number of times an adult mentioned this to me the summer before my freshman year at Rider. The advice was overwhelming: Focus on your schoolwork. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Get to know your professors. Join clubs. Meet new people. Take leadership roles. Get yourself noticed.
I was terrified, but Rider took me in and embraced me through all my of fears. When I was too intimidated to go to a newspaper meeting, a professor reached out to me and brought me along. Now I’m leaving as Executive Editor. When I couldn’t fathom going to Daly’s alone to get dinner, others in my residence hall invited me out. Now I have friends I will never forget and the confidence to stop by the dining hall for a quick meal alone. With the help of everyone around me, I grew as a student and as a person. And now, as a senior with one foot out into the “real world,” I feel like I need to leave behind some things I’ve learned.
To the new staff of The Rider News: There will be days when you’ll have to drag yourself to work. There may be nights when you’re stuck exporting in the wee hours of the morning, scrambling after a last-minute change. There will be plans with friends that you’ll have to skip out on. But cherish it. You’re all in this together, and during those tough times, you’ll become a family. I leave you in Jen’s and Rachel’s more-than-capable hands, and I speak for all the seniors on staff when I say that you’ve already made us proud.
To the old staff of The Rider News: I have never met a more extraordinary group of people than the staff here; not only are you amazing writers, you’re amazing people. The paper was a good 75% of my college life, and I’m so glad I got to spend it with you all. It made the long nights worth it.
And to all the other students who will be spending another semester of their lives at Rider: Appreciate it while it lasts. Take all that advice that was thrown at you before you got to college — the older generations know what they’re talking about. I know it’s cliché, but your time here goes by quicker than you think. I was under the delusion that I would never grow up, and now I’m on the threshold of adulthood, wondering where the last few years have gone. I’ve heard time only moves quicker from here on out.
I came into Rider as a shy 18-year-old, directionless but hopeful about my future. Now I’m leaving Rider a confident 21-year-old, still somewhat directionless (but getting closer), and still hopeful about my future. I don’t have a plan, but I know that these past four years have prepared me for whatever comes next.
So this is a huge thank you to my friends, my professors and my advisers who have guided me along the way. I have laughed, cried and screamed alongside you, and ultimately, I have grown from it. I finally understand that college really is what you make of it, and you all have made it unforgettable.

-Emily Eiermann
Outgoing Executive Editor
Printed in the 5/3/13 edition.

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