Senior Send-Off: Entertainment Editor takes a bow

It’s actually insane to think that my four years at Rider are coming to a conclusion. I remember with vivid detail my very first day starting out in the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) program, terrified and not wanting to leave my family’s side. After finally realizing that I had numerous people supporting me, ready to give advice and offer assistance if I needed it, I quickly became comfortable living on campus.
So many factors contributed to making my college career a successful one. As a tour guide, disc jockey, EOP counselor and peer mentor in my first three years, it occurred to me that giving back to others was something that I could feel really good about during my time here. I also can’t forget about all the fun parties, adventures, long nights and new experiences with friends that enriched my first three years. Keeping a healthy balance between my social life and academic endeavors was something I felt was important and something that I successfully achieved.
My senior year has definitely been different, yet enlightening. All year I’ve been shedding many of my childlike tendencies and really preparing for the future. Participating in Rider’s Shadowing program during winter’s JTerm led me to one of my first experiences in a professional work environment. Interning at WXPN Radio in Philadelphia this semester has also felt like a very adult opportunity, as it has been one of my very first glimpses into what likely lies ahead for me. Be sure to take advantage of any and all opportunities that come your way, as you never know what doors could open for you.
And of course, I could never forget to mention working for the newspaper. It’s been such a fun job, working with hilarious friends while learning a lot about the school, attending an array of events and finally producing something to be proud of at the end of each week. A very special thank you to all of the awesome staff and advisers for all of your help — I was very lucky to spend my last year working with such a chill staff.
Now after four fun-filled years, I’m definitely ready to move on and see what I can accomplish. Thanks to everyone here at Rider for all that you’ve done for me; I truly appreciate all of the good times.

-Lisa Henderson
Outgoing Features and Entertainment Editor

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