Security Briefs

It’s Raining Sticks

A male visitor was hit in the head by a drumstick during the Student Entertainment Committee Spring Concert on Saturday, April 12, at 9:44 p.m. The visitor suffered an abrasion when one of the performers threw a drumstick off stage into the crowd. The visitor was advised to seek medical attention but denied it, signed a medical release form and returned to the concert.

Smile, You’re on Camera

While monitoring one of its surveillance cameras, Public Safety spotted a small group of people carrying a male who appeared to be slouched and disoriented in the Annex Lot. Officers intercepted the group before it entered Conover Hall and asked for identification. Three of the suspects were visitors and one was a resident. One visitor informed Public Safety that they had been drinking off campus and came back to stay in the room of the resident.
An ambulance arrived to evaluate the group. No one required treatment, but it was found that two of the visitors and the resident had been consuming alcohol and were underage. The other visitor was the designated driver. Those who were underage received a summons from the Lawrence Township Police Department, and it was recommended that the visitors be PNG’d.

Kroner Got Creamed

Someone vandalized several doors and a wall in Kroner Hall with shaving cream on Sunday, April 13. While on a routine walk-through at 5:07 a.m., Public Safety noticed shaving cream on doors and a wall leading to a stairwell. The shaving cream was sprayed randomly on the surfaces. No words were written.

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