Security Briefs

Early altercations
Public Safety was called to Wright Hall on the report of a physical assault on Oct. 1 at 2:22 a.m. Officers received a call from an unknown individual saying she wanted Public Safety to escort two male guests off campus because one of the guests tried to physically harm her.

When Public Safety arrived, the student victim said the guest grabbed her and threw her against the room door after the two got into a verbal altercation. She said that she was able to push him away and wasn’t injured during the alleged assault. The officers learned that the two guests and another female resident student had left Wright Hall.
When the officers located them, the two males denied that the altercation became physical; however, the female student, who claimed the men as her guests, said there was a physical assault. Both male guests were made persona non grata and the female resident student was charged with physical abuse, because Rider’s guest policy states that students are responsible for the actions of their guests.

Faint feelings
A female resident student experienced an asthma attack after finishing a run around campus on Oct. 4 at 4:37 p.m.
Public Safety arrived at Conover Hall and met with the student who was lying on her side in the middle of her room. The officers noted that the student was breathing heavily and wasn’t entirely conscious. Her roommate said that the two had just returned from a run when the student victim began having a hard time catching her breath. The roommate said that the ill student may have taken too many puffs from her inhaler. The officers called an ambulance, but the student victim denied any further medical treatment.

Concert intoxication
Public Safety cited two reports of public intoxication on the night of the fall concert on Oct. 4.
In the Student Recreation Center (SRC) at 9:47 p.m., Public Safety identified a female student who was vomiting and slurring her speech. The officers determined that the student was underage. She was escorted to an ambulance that was already on the scene after she admitted to drinking to excess amounts. She has been charged with an alcohol violation.
At 10 p.m, an officer noticed a male student showing signs of intoxication as he was leaving the SRC bathroom. The officer said that the student was staggering, had the smell of alcohol on his breath and was having trouble maintaining his balance. The student was of age and admitted to drinking alcohol prior to the concert. Both matters have since been referred to The Office of Community Standards.

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