Security Briefs

Visiting and violating

An incident in Switlik Hall on April 13 left one female resident student with an alcohol violation and a female visitor escorted off campus.

At 2:16 a.m., Public Safety was alerted of excessive noise coming from inside a room in Switlik Hall. Upon arrival, the officers met with a male staff member who said that two female students occupied the room. The officers knocked and the students answered. At this time, the officers noticed alcohol in the room. One female was identified as a resident student and the other occupant refused to provide identification. At this time, the officers contacted Lawrence Township Police, who were able to identify the visitor.


False alarm

On April 8, an assumed practical joke caused alarm in Switlik Hall.

At 4:41 p.m., Public Safety arrived at Switlik Hall after a fire alarm went off in the building. At this time, the building had been evacuated and the alarm was still going off. The officers inspected the building and were unable to find anything that would cause the need to pull the fire alarm.

Because of this, the officers deemed the incident a malicious act and that the alarm was pulled without just cause. The officers then reset the alarm. Public Safety would like to use this as a reminder to students not to abuse or misuse any emergency equipment.


Afternoon accident

A motor vehicle accident occurred in front of University House on April 13 at 2:25 p.m.

Public Safety arrived in front of University House and met with the operators of the two vehicles involved in the accident. The driver of the first vehicle reported that he was driving a safe distance behind the car in front of him when the driver of that car veered to the left and then suddenly turned right. At this time, the driver of the first vehicle hit the car’s passenger-side fender and door. The operator of the car that was hit said he only veered slightly to the left when he was hit.

Neither of the drivers was injured and photos of the cars were taken. If anyone witnessed this accident, contact Public Safety at x5029.



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