Security briefs

Water damage

On Sunday, Public Safety was notified of a leak in the Switlik Hall men’s restroom at 2:42 p.m. The leak was from the pipe attached to a toilet.

The officers noticed that the toilet was running continuously and the handle had sustained damage. Because of this, they were unable to stop the water.

As a puddle began to form in the restroom, Public Safety contacted Facilities, who came to help with the leak. The officers then blocked off the area and mopped up the water.

Further investigation revealed that the toilet was damaged by someone kicking or hitting it with significant force. The cost to repair the toilet is unknown at this time. Anyone with additional information on the incident should call Public Safety at x5029.

Battle of the boot

While it’s fair to generalize that most of us would be upset if we found our car booted by Public Safety, an individual acted on his frustration last Friday.

At 5:02 p.m., Public Safety was monitoring its surveillance cameras and observed a male in the fraternity overflow parking lot. The individual, who officers were unable to confirm as a Rider student, was with two other males and a female. The officers observed the group attempting to remove a boot from a pickup truck.

Officers were dispatched to the area, but the individuals and the vehicle were gone. Upon reviewing the video, Public Safety observed the male kicking the boot, then taking an object out of his car to try and remove the boot, which he eventually did by prying off the now damaged immobilizer.

An investigation is ongoing. If anyone has additional information on the incident, contact Public Safety at x5029.

Campus mall accident

A skateboarder and a possible speeder were part of a car accident that took place by the campus mall on Sunday.

At about 7:50 p.m., Public Safety arrived at Daly’s and met with the skateboarder. He said that as he was skateboarding on the road in front of Daly’s, he observed an SUV heading toward him at what he thought was a fast speed. He said he panicked, fell off the skateboard and it shot across the road. The SUV sped off in an unknown direction.

The victim said he hurt his elbow when he fell, but refused further medical attention. His skateboard was hit by the vehicle and was damaged beyond repair. If anyone witnessed this incident contact Public Safety at x5029.

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