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Water worries
Two female residents came back to a wet surprise in their dorm room on Sunday, Oct. 7. At 3:19 a.m., a female resident in Switlik Hall called Public Safety to help her with a layer of water that was on the floor of her room.
Upon arrival, officers noticed that water was gushing out of the air conditioning and heating vent. The student said that she and her roommate left the room at 4 p.m., on Saturday, Oct. 6. Public Safety helped the student remove the belongings that were on the floor and had been affected by the water. The officers contacted Facilities who shut off the water valve and used a wet vacuum to remove the rest of the water. The cost for repair and replacing the belongings is currently unknown.

Classroom fall
Public Safety responded to a medical emergency call in the Academic Annex on Oct. 5.
At 4:43 p.m., Public Safety officers met with a female staff member who said that she was injured earlier in the day. She explained that she was standing on a chair trying to  open a window when she fell backward and landed on her head and tailbone. The victim reported being in considerable pain, but declined the call for medical attention because a family member was going to drive her to the hospital.

Memory card theft
On-campus computer hackers are sneaking their way into more than just software.
At 10:34 a.m., on Oct. 3, Public Safety was called to Sweigart Hall. Upon arrival, Public Safety met with a female staff member who said that sometime between Oct. 1  and Oct. 3 someone stole memory cards from two computers in different computer labs within Sweigart. The staff member stated that neither computer was working. After filling out a work order, she was informed that one had no memory card, and the other had a memory card that had not been reinstalled properly. Additional security measures have been put in place for these computers. The investigation for this incident is ongoing.  Anyone with additional information should contact Public Safety at x5029.

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