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Hole punch swiper

An unsuspecting student in the Student Recreation Center (SRC) was the victim of a three-hole punch theft on Sunday, Sept. 16.

At 7:19 p.m., Public Safety arrived at the SRC to meet with the female victim. The student said that at about 6:50 p.m., a male approached her and asked if he could borrow the three-hole punch he saw her using. She lent it to him, and a few minutes later saw him walking out of the SRC with the hole punch in hand. The female student followed him out, but lost him in the parking lot.

While on patrol, Public Safety noticed a student carrying a hole punch in the parking lot while on patrol and questioned him. The male student said he was running late for church, but intended to return the hold punch to the female student at a later time.


Foot pains

A female resident student was awoken early in the morning on Saturday, Sept. 15, by a severe pain in her foot.

Public Safety arrived at the female’s room in Switlik Hall at 5:20 a.m., to meet with the victim. She reported that her left foot was hurting, and that earlier she had stepped off the curb incorrectly. Public Safety officers evaluated the foot and determined that she should have it looked at by a doctor.

The victim’s friend offered to drive her to the hospital for further evaluation and treatment.


Vulgar vandalism

Unicco, the campus cleaning company, was busy on Friday, Sept. 14, after students in Lincoln Hall vandalized every wall and stairway in the building.

Public Safety responded to a call from a resident advisor in Lincoln at 8 a.m. The male staff member showed the officers the graffiti, which included 20 different images of penises ranging in size across the building. Unicco was notified and cleaned up the graffiti.

If anyone has additional information on this incident please contact Public Safety at x5729.



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