Security Briefs

Campsite hazard

Several individuals might have thought the backside of campus was their own backyard when they started a bonfire in the woods behind the baseball fields on Sunday, April 15.
At 1:40 a.m., Public Safety observed a large group of unidentified people, presumably students, walking back from the baseball field area. Public Safety and supplemental patrol officers from the Lawrence Township Police Department went back to the location and observed what appeared to be a campsite with a fire occurring in a bonfire setup. The Lawrence Township Fire Department was notified when Public Safety was unable to fully extinguish the fire.
Also found in the woods were various pieces of University outdoor furniture and a keg. All of the items were confiscated and an investigation is ongoing. Anyone with additional information is encouraged to contact Public Safety at x5029.

Too hot to handle

The heat in the kitchen became too much to take for those in Daly’s on Monday, April 16.
At 8:11 p.m., Public Safety received a call from a male staff member at Daly’s who reported that the fire alarm was going off. All units dispatched to Daly’s and organized a full evacuation of the building. The staff member said he was not aware of what activated the alarm but assumed it might have been the heat in the kitchen area.
Public Safety called the fire alarm service and it was able to reset the system. By 10:14 p.m., Public Safety re-opened the C-Store and the Bronc Diner.

Nonstop nose bleed

A medical emergency was reported in Poyda Hall on Sunday, April 15, when a female resident student could not stop her nose from bleeding. Public Safety arrived at Poyda at 4:22 a.m., after receiving a call from the student’s friend. Public Safety offered to call for transportation to a hospital, but the friend offered to take the student to a nearby hospital for further treatment.

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