Security Briefs

Sneaky pranker

A practical joke was also a possible fire hazard in Poyda Hall on Tuesday, April 3.

Public Safety arrived at Poyda at 9:06 p.m., on Tuesday, responding  to the report of a smoke bomb thrown under a male resident’s door. Officers met with the victim who said he was in his room when an unknown person lobbed the smoke bomb under his door. There was no fire, only smoke, and the victim was able to put it out.
An investigation is ongoing. Anyone with additional information on the prank is encouraged to contact Public Safety at x5029.

Hallway havoc

Criminal mischief with estimated damages of under $500 was reported in Omega House on Friday, April 6, at 7:47 a.m. According to Public Safety officers, an unknown suspect broke glass bottles in a hallway, broke a toilet dispenser, purposefully clogged a toilet with toilet paper and damaged a soap dispenser. Officers called UNICCO to come in and clean the hallway and bathroom.

Crowd control

What started as a small gathering became a rowdy crowd in Gee Hall on Saturday, April 3, at 1:13 a.m.

Public Safety received a call from a female staff member in Gee who said a group of individuals was vandalizing the building. Officers met with the staff member who said the group was making noise, ripping down bulletin boards and being overall disorderly. According to the female student, the group left once they heard Public Safety was called.

Officers were able to locate the room where the noise allegedly originated. The owner of the room said he did have a few friends over but others he didn’t know came as well. The student was charged with a violation of campus quiet hours.

Public Safety would like to remind students that they are fully responsible for the behavior of their guests.

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