Security Briefs

Sneaky smokers

Two male resident students’ smoking hide-out was revealed when Lawrence Township police followed them behind a closed business on Monday, Jan. 30, at 3:01 a.m.

The police investigated and found suspected marijuana in plain sight in one student’s car. The officers arrested and charged the students with possession of suspected marijuana.

The matter was reported to Public Safety on Monday, Feb. 13, at which time the students were charged with university violations.
Dazed and confused

A stumbling student became a main concern for Public Safety officers on patrol in Lincoln Hall Wednesday, Feb. 15, at 2:54 a.m.

While in the residence hall, the officers came across a female student lying on the floor. Her speech was slurred and she appeared not to comprehend what was being said to her. The officers immediately called an ambulance.

While waiting for the ambulance, the student became coherent and told the officers that she had been drinking and that she was underage.

Upon arrival, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) assessed the student and determined that she did not need immediate attention but offered trasportation to the hospital. The student declined.

The matter was referred to the Office of Community Standards.
Ankle ache

An injury in the Phi Sigma Sigma house brought Public Safety to its doorstep and left one sister in physical pain.

On Friday, Feb. 17, at 8:36 p.m., Public Safety received a call from a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma reporting a medical emergency. Once at the house, the officer observed that the student’s ankle was wrapped in a cloth. The officer who assessed the ankle noticed that it was swollen and the student complained of pain when pressure was added to the joint. A friend of the student later took her to a nearby hospital for further treatment.

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