Security Briefs

By Katie Zeck


It was a rough night for the public safety officers on duty Saturday when they were assaulted by a resident student who was under the influence.
At about 2:11 a.m. while investigating an alcohol violation in Poyda Hall, Public Safety encountered a disruptive male resident. The officers went to visit the suspect at his room in Poyda Hall and observed that he was clearly under the influence.
Shortly after, officers noticed alcohol in his room and received consent to search the room after originally being denied entrance. The suspect then began to repeatedly push the public safety officers searching the room. Lawrence Township Police were then called and the student was arrested for disorderly conduct.
Public Safety’s search revealed that the suspect was in possession of suspected marijuana, drug paraphernalia and alcohol. The student was also charged with a narcotics violation.

Wrong number

On Sunday at 10:02 p.m., a Westminster female commuter student called Public Safety claiming that she was receiving hurtful anonymous phone calls.
The victim reported that the person on the other line was harassing her through these calls though the caller’s voice was unfamiliar. Princeton police soon arrived and there is an investigation under way. No other information has been reported at this time.


A male staff member complained of an irritating skin rash before reporting to public safety that the rash, located on his hand, had begun to swell.
On Sept. 19, at 10:47  a.m., Public Safety was called to the general services building (GSB) to find the victim’s hand very swollen from what was determined to be a spider bite. He claimed to have been bitten while at work in the GSB on Sept. 13. The victim is scheduled to see a doctor and Public Safety has filed a report of the incident.

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