Security Briefs

Heads Up

A female resident student     was struck in the head by the plastic gate guard in the West Village parking lot on Monday, Sept 5.
She explained that after swiping her card to let her father into the parking lot, the gate arm did not immediately come back down.
The victim then walked back through the gate and the arm came down on the left side of her forehead. She did not request medical attention, though Facilities was notified of the faulty gate arm.

Fighting a Theft

Public Safety arrived at Wright Hall on the report of a burglary on Thursday, Sept. 8 at about 3 p.m.
The female victim said that her laptop was stolen after leaving her room with the door unlocked to visit a friend down the hall. Shortly after, the victim’s roommate arrived and reported her iPod stolen.
Further investigation revealed possible witnesses. The roommates then enlisted the help of Lawrence Police,  who identified and arrested a suspect.

Packed Pub

On Saturday, Sept. 10, Public Safety officers were forced to shut down the Pub due to over capacity.
A large crowd of students waiting to enter had formed outside of the already packed student hangout.
Out of safety concern, Public Safety with the help of Lawrence Twp. Police closed the Pub for the remainder of that night.

Drug Bust

For two residents, Saturday,  Sept. 17, did not end on the high they were hoping for when Public Safety approached them under the suspicion that they were smoking marijuana.
The students denied they were smoking, but after Public Safety said they could clearly smell the drugs, the students admitted to smoking. The matter has been referred to the Office of Community Standards.

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