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Hit the floor

A female student was found sitting outside the ladies’ room in Daly’s intoxicated last week.

On Wednesday, Feb. 2, at 1:44 a.m., Public Safety went to the Bronc Diner for a reported alcohol violation. Upon their arrival, officers observed a female resident student sitting outside the restroom.

Officers conducted an alcohol assessment. She appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.

The underage student was charged with violating the campus alcohol policy and cited by local police.

Bronc Diner brawl

A food fight led to a physical altercation between four male students last week.

On Friday, Feb. 4, at 12:01 a.m., Public Safety responded to a report of a fight at the Bronc Diner.

Public Safety found out that a male resident and his friend were eating at the diner when two other students began throwing food at them. The student went to ask why they were throwing food. One of the other students punched him in the face, giving him a black eye.

The students have received administrative directives to stay away from each other. Charges are forthcoming.

Disorderly conduct

A student’s belligerent manner landed him with several charges this week.

On Monday, Feb. 7, at around 2 a.m., Public Safety was closing Daly’s main entrance when two individuals entered the Bronc diner.

The officers told the students that they could order food to go, but could not stay in the diner because the employees needed to clean up.

Officers told one of the students who appeared to be under the influence of something, that his food was ready and that he needed to leave. The student proceeded to use profanity and was disorderly. After several warnings, the student left.

The student is being charged with, among other things, failure to comply and verbal harassment.

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