Security Briefs


After an investigation, The Rider News has determined that three
pieces written by a single author, published in print and online,
contained numerous fabricated sources, quotes and examples of
plagiarism. The author was not a member of The Rider News and
has never taken journalism classes at Rider, where the curriculum
enforces that fabrication and plagiarism are unacceptable in the
profession. The Rider News has decided that in the future, it will
not publish material from this writer and has taken down the
author’s past work from its website for failing to meet basic
journalism standards. The Rider News deeply regrets this situation
and will continue to strive to uphold professional standards, as
well as be an honest and reliable source of information to the
university community.

Beckett Blemishes

Panels Pummeled. On March 13 at 1:30 p.m., Public Safety was performing fire safety checks in Beckett Village B, when they discovered damage to the elevator. Upon entering the elevator, they observed damage to the ceiling and the track that holds the paneling up. It is unknown what caused the damage. Public Safety is investigating.

Ominous Odors

Stench of supplies. On March 17 at 9:57 a.m., Public Safety was dispatched to Wright Residence Hall for the report of the odor of natural gas in the building. When Public Safety arrived they met with the students who reported the odor. They checked all three floors and the basement and did not detect the odor of natural gas. It was determined that the odor was likely caused by cleaning products.

– Information provided by Public Safety Capt. Matthew Babcock

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