Security Briefs

By Shaun Chornobroff 

Vending Thefts

Pepsi Problems. On April 19, at 8:43  a.m., Public Safety was dispatched to Conover Residence Hall for the report of a theft. Upon arrival, they met with Pepsi Co. who reported a theft from one of their vending machines in the building. Pepsi Co. reported that all the remaining beverages were taken out of the machine as well as the money that was inside. The incident was reported to the Lawrence Township Police who are investigating. Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact Public Safety.  

Gated Off

Cloudy with a chance of gate. On April 20 at 1:15 p.m., Public Safety was called to the Gated Admin lot for the report of property damage. Upon their arrival, they met with an outside vendor who reported that as they were driving through the gate arm to enter the lot, the gate arm came down, striking the van. There was no damage to the van and only minimal damage to the gate arm. Facilities Management was notified to check the gate for repairs.

Water Leaks

Tongue in leak. On April 24 at 7:21 p.m., Public Safety was dispatched to Hill Residence hall for the report of a water leak. Upon their arrival, Public Safety met with a student who reported finding water leaking into their room. It was discovered that the water was leaking from a pipe going to the heating unit. Facilities Management was contacted to fix the leak.

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