Security Briefs

Urine denial

A male resident student was caught on camera urinating in public last week.

While reviewing the camera system on Tuesday, April 13, at 1:54 a.m., Public Safety witnessed the student urinating on a wall outside of the lower level of the BLC. Public Safety responded, running into the student on the bridge. When asked why he did it, the student denied it. When asked again, he admitted to his act, but did not say why he did it.

The student is being charged with indecent conduct.

Chair toss

A male commuter student landed himself in hot water after throwing a chair into Centennial Lake.

While apprehending the student who urinated outside the BLC, Public Safety officers became aware of a theft. They observed a student throwing a stolen chair over the bridge railing into Centennial Lake. The chair had been taken from the BLC.

The student is being charged with disorderly conduct and misappropriation of property.

Golf cart getaway

A male commuter student stole a golf cart because he wanted to take a female friend for a ride.

Public Safety officers became aware of the theft on Tuesday, April 13, at 2:18 a.m. while in the General Services parking lot. They observed a golf cart being driven along South Drive. The golf cart drove past the entrance to the BLC parking lot, reversed and then parked in the lot. The two students then began to head toward a nearby apartment complex.

Public Safety officers called out for the students to stop. The male student responded the second time they called.
The students are being charged with misappropriation of property and unauthorized use of property. The male student will also be charged with vandalism for damage done to the ignition.

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