Security Briefs

By Sarah Siock

Suspected marijuana

It wasn’t coming from the greenery. On Sept. 29 at 7:58 p.m. a student called Public Safety to report the smell of marijuana coming from the area of the footbridge that crosses Centennial Lake. Upon Public Safety’s arrival, they checked the area, including the campus green, and could not find the source of the odor. 

Criminal mischief

Up to no good. On Sept. 30 at 5:46 p.m. Public Safety was dispatched to Conover Hall for the report of criminal mischief. Upon arrival, the student reported that somebody had scratched inappropriate words on a door and scratched off the room number as well. The incident is currently under investigation and was reported to Facilities Management to remove the inappropriate words. 

Suspicious smell

They didn’t check their windows. On Oct. 2 at 12:05 a.m. Public Safety was dispatched to Conover Hall for the smell of natural gas or gasoline. Upon arrival, Public Safety checked the room and hallway and could not determine the source of the smell, but determined that it smelled like gasoline. Public Safety inspected the area with a gas meter but did not see any readings that caused concern. Facilities Management also came to the residence hall to check, and the best that could be determined was that the gasoline smell came into the room from Route 206. 

-Information provided by Public Safety Capt. Matthew Babcock

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