Security Briefs

By Sarah Siock

Car Accident

Always remember to look both ways. On Sept. 21 at 11:35 p.m., Public Safety was dispatched to the Annex Lot for the report of a motor vehicle accident. Upon their arrival, it was reported to Public Safety that while a vehicle was attempting to back out of a parking space, it struck another parked vehicle. Public Safety contacted those involved and they exchanged information declining any police assistance.

Fire in Daly’s

Smoking gloves. On Sept. 23, at 1:32 p.m., Public Safety was dispatched to Daly’s Dining Hall for the report of a fire. Upon their arrival, Public Safety met with Gourmet Dining Staff who reported that there had been a fire in the front kitchen area. One of the chefs reported that the fire occurred on top of one of their ovens when a pair of gloves had been left on top of the oven covering an exhaust vent. The fire was extinguished and the Township Fire Marshal and Health Department responded to check the scene for any safety concerns.

Power Outage

What’s that smell? On Sept. 23, at 3:58 p.m., Public Safety was made aware of a campus-wide power failure. Public Safety was also dispatched to House #7 ZTA, for the report of the smell of natural gas. The building was checked and found to be safe, the cause of the odor was determined to be from the backup generator running in the basement. No other issues were found and power was restored around 4:30 p.m. The power failure was attributed to storms passing through the area.

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