Security Briefs

By Stephen Neukam

Theatre Thieves

Speakers missing. On Oct. 11 at 4 p.m., Public Safety received a report that equipment was stolen from the Spitz Studio Theatre on Oct. 9. Speakers and a number of microphone stands, two microphones, power cables, carts, a mixer and a few other items were taken. There is no known value of the stolen items. The incident is under investigation and Public Safety encourages anyone with information to reach out to its office.

Westminster Woes

Out of the closet. On Oct. 8, Public Safety received a report from a staff member in the Play House that two speakers were last seen on July 29 were no longer in a closet they were supposed to be in. When the staff member went to get the speakers for an event in Bristol Chapel, they realized the equipment was gone. The value of the speakers was $1,000 in total. There are no known suspects.

Sign Struggles

Fire safety. On Oct. 11 at 12:55 a.m., officers responded to a call from Poyda Hall regarding two fire exit signs that were damaged. Facilities were contacted to make sure the area was safe because some wires were hanging in the area. There was no issue with the wiring and there are no suspects.

— Information provided by Public Safety Capt. Jim Flatley 

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