Security Briefs

By Stephen Neukam

Potty Training 

Unfortunately, this wasn’t a dream. On April 27 at 5 a.m., Public Safety responded to a report of a female student waking up to find an unknown male urinating on her dresser in her dorm room. She pushed the male into the hallway and he said that he needed to get back to a particular room. Public Safety officers followed up with the room number the male said he needed to get to and identified him as a non-student who was not registered as a guest in the room but was staying overnight. The reporting student identified the male as the person who urinated on her dresser. He was advised to leave campus and not return for the rest of the semester and complied.

Hallway Hooligan

Loud and clear. On April 24 at 12:45 p.m., Public Safety responded to a call in Fine Arts that a male student began yelling at a female student. According to the female student, she had asked him a question regarding his status in a particular class and he began to yell and shake his hand at her. She did not reveal what he was yelling at her. The male student was cited for violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

Cement Damage

You aren’t allowed to do that. On April 24 at 2:19 p.m., Public Safety responded to a report of criminal mischief outside of University House. Once arriving, a facilities employee said that he saw an unknown student write the letters “OX” into wet cement that was poured the day before. The estimate to fix the damage was $125.

— Information provided by Public Safety Coordinator Michael Yeh

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