Security Briefs

Hats Off

A male resident assaulted another male resident in Gee Hall on Friday, April 18, at 12:04 a.m. The two students were joking around in the hallway when the victim removed the other male’s hat. The male who had his hat removed made comments to the victim and blocked his path. When the victim tried to move the other male out of his way, the victim was allegedly thrown against the wall twice, punched in the face and had his shirt torn. Police and medical services were offered and declined.

Too Young

A female resident and a male visitor were charged with underage drinking at the Pub on Friday, April 18, at 1:02 a.m. The resident and the visitor had been consuming vodka inside the Pub when Public Safety noticed them. Both were brought outside and identified. The two said they had gotten into the Pub through a side door. The Lawrence Township Police Department (LTPD) cited both of the violators with underage drinking and the visitor was arrested and taken to the LTPD station. The student was charged with a violation and the visitor is expected to be PNG’d.

Hot Stuff

While standing at the service counter at the Bronc Diner, a Public Safety officer noticed sparks coming from the cord of a food warmer on Friday, April 18, at 2:14 a.m. The officer notified the diner staff and used an extinguisher to put out the fire. The food warmer was unplugged and taken out of service. There were no injuries or further damage.

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