Security Briefs

By Lauren Lavelle

Graffiti grapples

No bathroom is safe. On Nov. 7 at 11:34 a.m., Public Safety was called to Moore Library for the report of an act of vandalism. After arriving, officers were directed to the women’s bathroom on the third floor where three stall doors had been covered in graffiti. Public Safety contacted facilities to remove the writing. There is currently no dollar amount for the damage. 

Towel mishap

Not the kind of relief she was looking for. On Nov. 7 at 8:05 p.m., Public Safety was called to Moore Hall because a microwave was smoking. After arriving, officers met with a female student who said she attempted to heat up a towel in the microwave to use as a compress when it started smoking. Public Safety cleared the area, opened the windows to vent the room and reset the fire alarm. There was no damage to the microwave and the student was not injured.

Hard drive malfunction

That’s one way to get your work done. On Nov. 9 at 5:32 p.m., Public Safety was called to Sweigart Hall for the report of a theft. After arriving, officers were directed to a computer room by a member of the OIT Department who said a hard drive had been stolen from one of the computers. Public Safety is still investigating the situation and there are currently no known suspects. 

— Information provided by Public Safety Capt. Jim Flatley

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