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Foiled again

A small fire occurred in New Building last weekend when a female resident student attempted to microwave hamburgers wrapped in tinfoil.

On Sunday, Jan. 31, at 12:10 a.m., Public Safety officers were dispatched to New Building because of a fire. While proceeding to the room, officers met with the student. She said she had been trying to heat up food when the microwave caught fire. The fire was put out before it could damage any university property.

When the smoke reached the hallway smoke detector, it activated the building’s fire alarm. Alumni Gym was opened to allow students to wait for the all-clear signal from the fire department.

The fire department made sure the fire was put out and brought in exhaust fans to ventilate the building. The smoke dissipated and the alarm was reset.

Crime of passion

A male visitor was charged with assault last weekend after trying to choke a male resident student.

On Sunday, Jan. 31, at 3:16 a.m., Public Safety was dispatched to Conover Hall to assist other staff members in obtaining ID from two male visitors and a female resident student.

While asking for ID from the individuals, officers learned the male suspect had assaulted a male resident student and admitted to consuming alcohol.

When asked why he assaulted the male student, the suspect said that he had seen the male talking with his girlfriend. In the “heat of passion,” he attempted to “choke him out.”

While officers were speaking with both parties, they were told the victim was nearby. He filed a complaint with Public Safety and Lawrence Township Police.

The male suspect was issued a summons for underage intoxication and was made a persona non grata. In addition, the female student is being charged with violation of the university alcohol policy for having an underage intoxicated visitor.

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