Security Briefs

By Lauren Lavelle

Ticket totals

Get your stickers, kids. Since the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year, five vehicles have repeatedly parked on campus without the proper stickers, gathering over $1,800 in tickets. On Feb. 16, Public Safety made the decision to request a persona non grata against the vehicles, banning them from entering or parking on campus.

Intoxicated Saturdays

Parked cars and alcohol shouldn’t mix. On Feb. 17 at 1:31 a.m., Public Safety received a call from a concerned student who saw an intoxicated male roaming around the parking lot next to the south entrance. A Lawrence Township police officer patrolling the area located the student and contacted Public Safety who determined he was under the legal drinking age. The student was written up to the Office of Community Standards for violating the social code of conduct.

Cash out

At least she got the wallet back. On Feb. 13, a female student contacted Public Safety about a stolen wallet in Hill Hall. The student reportedly dropped her wallet in a stairwell and it was returned a few hours later. After examining the contents of her wallet, the student noticed she was missing cash and a gift card. Public Safety is currently looking into the matter.

— Information provided by Public Safety Capt. Jim Flatley

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