Security Briefs

By Lauren Lavelle

Cyber troubles

Not the love story she was expecting. On Oct. 20 at 2:06 a.m., a female student reported she was being harassed by a male non-student through the internet. The student claimed she had met the male on a social media dating site and, after conversing several times, he demanded she send compromising photos of herself to him. He insisted that, if she did not comply, he would post unflattering things about her online. Public Safety contacted the Lawrence Police who took a report and have followed up with the male suspect.

Keeping the faith

That’s an interesting way to spread the word of prayer. On Oct. 22 at 5:10 p.m., a student flagged down a Public Safety officer and directed him to an area near Gill Chapel where a student was acting peculiar. After arriving, officers observed a male student soliciting others to join him in prayer in an unwelcoming and harassing manner. Public Safety investigated the incident and the Lawrence Police and an ambulance were called to evaluate the student. Police determined the student was not a threat to others or himself and he departed campus with his mother who arrived to take him home for the evening. University counseling services were notified of the incident.

— Information provided by Public Safety Coordinator Michael Yeh

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