Security Briefs

Minor accident

A female commuter student and two resident students went bumper to bumper at the South Entrance early last week.

On Tuesday, Dec. 1, at 9:40 p.m., Public Safety officers were dispatched to the kiosk because of a car accident. None of the students involved were injured.

Two resident students were stopped on South Drive, waiting to enter through the kiosk, when the commuter student hit one of the cars, causing that car to hit the car in front of it.

Police services were requested and Lawrence Township Police responded. They cited the commuter student for careless driving.

Out the window

A female resident was charged with violating the alcohol policy last weekend when Public Safety confiscated what appeared to be a beer pong table.

On Sunday, Dec. 6, at 12:24 a.m., Public Safety officers were conducting a park, walk and talk of  Wright Hall. While there, they could hear a large group of students, but it was not yet quiet hours. The officers continued their walk-through, deciding to come back later. Officers soon ran into a female staff member and told her about the noise. They all went to investigate.

After the staff member knocked on the exterior door leading to the residence, Public Safety could hear scrambling as if furniture was being moved, as well as people hushing each other. The officers could smell alcohol.

A female resident eventually opened the door. While talking to the student, officers heard a loud bang, as if a window was being opened. When they went to check, the room was empty except for a table covered with beer. After further investigation, it was found that the in-wall air conditioning unit was completely broken off. None of the other people in the room was identified.

Please remember to take all personal and valuable items home over winter break. Make sure all windows and doors are locked before you leave. Have a

safe break.

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