Security Briefs

Suspicious toilet tank

An interesting combination. On Nov. 18 at 1:34 a.m., Public Safety was dispatched to Ziegler Hall for the report of suspected marijuana. Upon arrival, officers met with two female staff members who escorted them to the part of the building where they detected the smell. The restroom in the area was examined and one of the staff members stated she noticed the suspected marijuana on the toilet tank. Neither staff member saw anyone enter or exit the area. Upon further examination, it was concluded that along with remnants of suspected marijuana, innards of a cigar were found in the toilet as well. Public Safety currently has no suspects and encourages anyone with information to reach out to them immediately.

Sitting duck

His priorities are clear. On Nov. 16 at 4:35 p.m., Public Safety was dispatched to Centennial House in response to a fire alarm. Upon arrival, officers were sorting out the evacuation when they noticed a male student in the basement playing video games instead of evacuating. Officers asked the student why he did not leave and he said he was sorry. The student is being charged with fire safety and fire hazard violations and the matter has been referred to the Office of Community Standards. Public Safety urges all members of the community to evacuate buildings when instructed to in order to make finding the cause of the evacuation safer and more efficient.

Pool problems

Cue the medical team. On Nov. 19 at 9:50 p.m., Public Safety was dispatched to the Student Recreation Center in response to a student suffering an eye injury. Upon arrival, officers met with the victim, a male student who said he was accidentally struck by a pool cue while playing pool. The student was given an ice pack to diminish minimal swelling and he declined further medical attention. Public Safety told the student to contact them if further medical attention was needed in the future.

— Information provided by Director of Public Safety Vickie Weaver

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