Security briefs

Men’s bathroom blues

Because everyone takes out their anger on bathroom appliances, right? On Feb. 6 at 8:24p.m., Public Safety responded to a complaint from Conover Hall. Upon arrival, officers headed to the men’s bathroom and noticed damage to one soap dispenser, two toilet paper holders and two shower curtains. Public Safety is currently looking into the cost to replace or repair the items. Anyone with additional information should contact Public Safety at (609) 896-5029.

A case of stolen IDentity

An ID picture is worth a thousand words. On Feb. 8, Public Safety was dispatched to the SRC Fitness Center because a student was attempting to use another student’s ID card to gain entry into the fitness center. When questioned about the ID card, the student claimed the other student lent it to her. Both students have been cited with violations: one with personal misrepresentation and the other with misuse of the ID card. The matter has been referred to the Office of Community Standards.

One thumb down

Texting might be a little difficult after this one. On Feb. 2, Public Safety was called to the Commuter Lot for assistance with a medical emergency. Upon arrival, a female student stated that, while she was exiting her car, she slammed her right thumb in the door. A passerby reached out to Public Safety to notify them of the incident but had departed by the time officers arrived. The student’s thumb was bandaged, and she claimed a family member would take her to the hospital for further treatment.

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