Security Briefs

Identity thieves

Maybe they have aliases? On Nov. 20 at 12:45 p.m., Public Safety was dispatched to the Student Recreation Center on a report of the misuse of an ID card. The caller, a female staff member, stated that a student attempted to use a Bronc ID card that belonged to another student. Then, on Nov. 30 at 11:45 a.m., Public Safety was dispatched to Daly’s Dining Hall on the report of a student using another student’s ID card to get into the dining hall. The student met with Public Safety and admitted to using the card. All involved students are being charged with violation of the Student Social Code 1.4. Public Safety wants to remind students that ID cards are issued for your individual use and to prove your identity on campus. Do not borrow or steal ID cards that have not been issued to you. If you have an issue with an ID card, contact Public Safety or Residence Life.
Marijuana manhunt

It was a dead end. On Nov. 30 at 10:45 a.m., Public Safety was dispatched to Poyda Hall to meet with a staff member on a report of suspected marijuana. Public Safety checked the area, knocking on doors and talking with occupants in the rooms, thinking the smell thought to be marijuana was coming from one of the rooms. Restrooms were also checked, but no marijuana was found. Public Safety wants to remind students that the use and possession of marijuana is against university policy and against the law in the state of New Jersey.
Daly’s debacle? 

On Dec. 1 at approximately 6 p.m., Public Safety officers, as well as the Lawrence Township Police (LTP), were called for a violent altercation that took place outside of Daly’s. According to a Daly’s employee, a female approached her begging for help to stabilize a situation between her and a male. No arrests or individuals transported to a hospital were officially confirmed.

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