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Cooked well-done

Don’t start fires, kids. On April 19 at 7:17 p.m., Public Safety was dispatched to Moore Hall to investigate a fire alarm. Officers entered the building and found the alarm was not going off for the whole building, but just one room. The room in question had its door propped open, and Public Safety was met with a female resident, who stated a towel had caught fire. A male student in the kitchen area was using a towel to remove a pizza, which was on tin foil, heating in the oven. He took the pizza from the oven and placed it on an island countertop, and placed the towel on the counter door. The towel caught on fire, and the female student, who was in the common area, alerted the male student. The male doused the flaming towel with water and used a second towel soaked with water to pat down the cabinet to make sure there were no more flames. Public Safety investigated and assessed the area and concluded there was no further damage. There is no need for further concern.

Fun for 15

Smokey the Bear would not approve. On April 18 at 2:14 a.m., Public Safety was patrolling P and U parking lots by the tennis courts, when they noticed the presence of Lawrence Township Police Supplemental Patrol. One of the Supplemental Patrol officers came across three females, who were walking toward the baseball field from the parking lot but went to the ground as the officer pulled up. When questioned, the females stated they were going for a walk on campus and didn’t want to cause any problems. While police and Public Safety were talking to the three, they heard voices and saw lights moving around in the tree line beyond the field. Public Safety checked the area and found 10 students exiting the wooded area. When questioned, some said they were coming from a friend’s apartment and taking a shortcut, while others said they were dropped off by friends and headed home. While searching the woods, Public Safety and police discovered a backpack on the ground containing alcohol and a law enforcement courtesy card issued to one of the 10 students.

Upon further investigation, Public Safety and police noticed a reflection of a vehicle’s taillight and license plate. As they approached, they noticed a second vehicle, a smoldering fire, an empty black keg, two green Rider trash cans, a bottle of lighter fluid, a lighter and empty beer boxes, bottles and cans. Back in the parking lot, Public Safety and police came across another backpack that contained alcohol. All of the alcohol was disposed of. At 2:51 a.m., Lawrence Township Fire Department was contacted to respond to the area to extinguish the fire. They arrived, extinguished the fire and left at 4 a.m. The fire was a particular concern because of warnings issued for wildfire danger. The owners of the two vehicles were identified, and Public Safety reached out to them and said they needed to return to their vehicles. When the two arrived, they were informed their vehicles would be seized by LTPD and they would be under investigation for arson. A tow company was notified and transported vehicles to LTPD HQ.

The two vehicle owners are still under investigation at this time. The three females were charged with disorderly conduct. The 10 students found in the woods have been charged with disorderly conduct, misappropriation of property, fire safety violations/fire hazards and alcohol policy violations. The two whose vehicles were confiscated were charged with disorderly conduct, misappropriation of property, setting a fire, fire safety violations and alcohol policy violations. The matter has been referred to the Office of Community Standards. Public Safety would like to remind students that creating bonfires is not permitted anywhere on campus and that these matters are taken seriously.

Clean shaven

Must have been the longest beard in the world. On April 13 at 3:30 p.m., Public Safety was dispatched to Ziegler Hall to one of the men’s bathrooms. When officers arrived five minutes later, they met with a male staff member, who said he had already gone into the area and cleaned up shaving cream that had been sprayed on the sink and mirror in the bathroom by unknown persons. The cost of the cleanup is unknown at this time. If anybody has any further information, please contact Public Safety at 609-896-5029.

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