Security Briefs

Concrete damage
On the morning of March 18, a Public Safety officer observed that a concrete pylon had been damaged near the main entrance of the school.

Public Safety reviewed surveillance tapes and found that at 6 a.m., the pylon was still intact. It is believed that some time between 6 and 6:25 a.m., one of three cars that were observed to have driven through the entrance damaged the pylon, but a suspect has not yet been identified. Public Safety notified Facilities to begin making repairs. Anyone with further information should contact Public Safety at x5029.
Rough housing
During spring recess, Public Safety was dispatched to the Student Recreation Center upon the report of a medical emergency.

On March 20, a male visitor reported that he had sustained a head injury while playing basketball. While playing, he was hit on the head by another player’s elbow. When Public Safety officers met with the visitor, he had blood running from the top of his head and onto his chest. It was observed that he had a laceration on the top of his head. Though an ambulance arrived to treat him, he declined further treatment.

Bumps ahead
Driving over a speed bump near the south entrance resulted in a curious injury for one student.
On March 15, Public Safety officers noticed a car pulled over near the Bart Luedeke Center at 8:16 p.m. Upon asking the driver, a female student, if there was something wrong, she told them that her jaw had locked up after driving over a speed bump. They asked if she needed immediate medical attention or wanted to go to the hospital, but she chose to sign a waiver and drive herself to the hospital.

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